“Kayak Kops” kast and krew

“Kayak Kops” started out as a joke.

The idea came from Jack McMahan, myself, and my dad while kayaking. We were joking about speeding in kayaks, and making a wake in a no-wake zone, and we thought it would be funny if you could get a kayak speeding ticket from lake police,” junior Wilson Rouse said, One thought led to another, and we came up with the idea of a buddy cop show about lake police. And ‘Kayak Kops’ was born.

Five episodes of “Kayak Kops” were released, and the creators already have a loyal fanbase made up of other students and member of the community.  

The short series is a comedy show set around the crazy lives of two police officers who paddle around in kayaks to catch bad guys. The main characters, Lieutenant Dan McClowsky and Private Richard Parts, are played by juniors Jack McMahan and Ben Anderson.

They (McMahan and Anderson) both fit their characters so well that they actually improvised a lot of their lines, and that was always a lot of fun,” Rouse said.

The series has other cast members such junior Jack Bruce, senior Drew Colven, and many more. Rouse directed and co-wrote the series with McMahan. Although a majority of the cast members were students, some adults joined in like Phil Rouse (Wilson’s father), who plays Komish in the series.

The series can be found on Wilson Rouse’s YouTube channel, and it has gained many views, with over 1,000 when the official trailer came out. The students have even started distributing merchandise such as t-shirts, baseball tees, and hoodies with the logo. The items range from approximately $20-$32. The link can be found on their official Instagram page (@kayakkopsofficial) where they also post behind-the-scenes outtakes and pictures from their time shooting the show during this past summer.

After the initial idea, Jack and I waited about six months before we actually started writing the script. Then we started shooting the day after we got out of school in the summer of 2018. We wrapped March 3, 2019. Editing was ongoing over the months, with a lot of editing crammed in just before the series premiere party on March 23,” Rouse said.

The actors who took part in the series spent most of their time during the summer to make this happen and, according to Rouse, it was well paid off due to how much praise they received.

“The reaction has actually been a lot better than we expected. We knew our close friends would watch it, but we never thought so many other people would watch it too,” Rouse said, “We’re so happy that so many people are enjoying it.”

Fans would like to see a season two go into production.

“We’ll see,” Rouse said.